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Healing with Life force
Heal yourself & others

After fifty years of dedicated practice, Nayaswami Shivani brings together in the three volumes of Healing with Life Force the remarkable healing teachings of one of the most revered spiritual masters of our times, Paramhansa Yogananda. She will present an overview and a practice from each volume.

From Volume One: Prana, we will explore the origins of Life Force, the root cause of all disease, and do some Rapid Life Force Energizing exercises to bring vitality to the body and clarity to the mind.

From Volume Two: Mind, we will explore the three dimensions of the mind, do practical easy-to-learn exercises to improve our mental and emotional health, and learn how to cooperate with the healing dimension that supersedes them all: Divine Grace.

From Volume Three: Magnetism, we will explore that vast realm of “vibratory healing,” and specifically focusing on the power of sound and mantra. The exercises will focus on the healing powers of the Cosmic Vibration: Aum.

Venue: Ananda Sangha Pune, 17 Samarth House, Yashwant Ghadge Nagar, Range Hills Road, Pune 411007
Cost: Rs. 950                    Early Bird till Jan 15 – Rs. 799

(For offline or online participation)

Healing with the Super-Powers of the Mind
We are what we think


All disease has its roots in the mind.If the mind can produce ill health it can also produce good health. – Paramhansa Yogananda

Everything about us—from the way we look, to our moods, the opportunities that come to us, our ability to navigate life’s stormy seas—depends on the nature of our everyday thoughts. While changing our diet can have a significant impact on our health, until we change what Yogananda calls our “mental diet” no amount of nutritious food will give us the radiant health, success and happiness we seek. Rather than being the helpless victim of runaway thoughts, Yogananda shows us how to harness the untapped powers of our mind.

In this seminar Shivani will guide us in practices to awaken each of the superconscious powers of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious dimensions of the mind.

The superpowers of the conscious mind: concentration, willpower, and visualization

The superpower of the subconscious mind: habit formation and memory retention

The superpowers of the superconscious mind: intuition and the ability to perceive solutions and guidance.

Venue: Ananda Sangha Pune, 17 Samarth House, Yashwant Ghadge Nagar, Range Hills Road, Pune 411007
Cost: Rs. 1250             Early Bird till Jan 15 – Rs. 1199

(For offline or online participation)

We now know that our thoughts can change our bodies in accordance with the brain’s formidable neuroplastic powers. And we cannot separate these newly discovered truths from the effects of spiritual practices on our minds, emotions, and immune system.

Donatella Caramia, Neurologist, Rome

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