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“It is the life energy alone that can effect a cure; all external methods of stimulation can only cooperate with the life energy, and are powerless without it.”—Paramhansa Yogananda

9 June to 14 July Six Weekly Webinars

What you will gain:

  • Study and discussion of each Part of Volume One with the author and other experts
  • How to recognize the signs of wellness and the symptoms of disease
  • Learn how to use Life Force to stay healthy, alert and dynamically active
  • Quick and effective Energization shortcuts
  • Understand how meditation contributes to your health
  • An overview of Yogananda’s dietary recommendations
  • Guidelines for fasting and purification
  • An opportunity to ask questions and discuss points from the book

9 June: Introduction to Healing with Life Force: Prana. Read:Part I, Chapters One through Five

16 June:  Signs of Wellness, Symptoms of Disease. Read:Part I, Chapters Six and Seven

23 June: Meditation Therapy.  Read:Part II, Chapters One through Nine

30 June: Life Force Heals! – Read:Part III, Chapters One through Four

7 July: Energize! – Read:Part IV, Chapters One through Three

14 July: Life Force Lifestyle, Read:Part VChapters One through Three

Life Force Deep Dive programs—bringing together people from around the world who want to get the most from these self-healing practices, taking the time to study one section of the book each week and join in a one-hour webinar discussions.

The Volume One: Prana Deep Dive will be led by myself and Nayaswami Aditya. Dr. Amar will join us for some of the discussions in the June-July segment, and other teachers will join later in the year for Volume Two and Volume Three discussions and practices. Next year the Healing Teacher Training courses will become available.

Volume One: Prana is available from Amazon, as well as from Ananda Publications in India, Crystal Clarity in USA and Ananda Edizioni in Europe.

Everyone is welcome!

For more information and to register, please contact
Zenia: WhatsApp, +91 99224 03673



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